Speakers and topics

What’s the point of ESG?

CCLA Better World Global Equity Fund

In the 1999 hit film, The Matrix, the protagonist – Neo – is offered a choice. Take the blue pill and things will go back to normal or take the red pill and see how the world really works. Today, sustainable investing stands at a similar crossroads. This presentation will argue that we need to take the red pill. In so doing, it will show how professional investors can embrace the real world and use engagement to make it better rather than continuing to invest in a way that pretends all is ok, when it is not.

Head of sustainability
CCLA Investment Management

James is responsible for CCLA’s approach to sustainable investing. This includes work to deliver real and lasting change through active stewardship, integrating environmental, social, and governance factors into investment processes and ensuring that portfolios are aligned with the values and mission of clients. James joined CCLA in 2010 and has developed and led programmes that have improved corporate behaviour on a wide range of issues including climate change, mental health, the living wage and modern slavery.

What does the future look like for global equities?

M&G Global Sustain Paris Aligned Strategy

This session will look at the why the M&G Sustain Team believe the way investors think about global equities will evolve over time. Specifically, Randeep be taking delegates through how the M&G Sustain & Impact team actively align portfolios to the Paris Agreement, whilst delivering a risk/return profile commensurate to a core global equity fund.

Deputy fund manager
M&G Investments

Randeep joined M&G in 2005 as a fund managers’ assistant on the equities team. At different stages between 2013 and 2019 he was fund manager or deputy manager of the Global Themes, Managed Growth, Global Recovery, Global Select, Pan European Select and Positive Impact strategies. In November 2020, he became manager of M&G’s newly-launched Climate Solution strategy. Prior to joining M&G, he worked for State Street in a fund accounting role.

Investing in environmental solutions companies

TT Environmental Solutions Fund

Harry will give an overview of TT’s sustainable investment credentials, before introducing the TT Environmental Solutions Fund and discussing the thematic more broadly. He will also delve into a number of companies in the fund's portfolio that he thinks could double in the next couple of years, leaving plenty of time to answer any questions.

Portfolio manager
TT International

Harry is co-portfolio manager of the Environmental Solutions Strategy and a senior emerging markets analyst. He joined TT in 2012 from UBS.